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At China Pacific, our objective is to create ideas and products that build bonding between brands and consumers. Our teams of specialists work closely with our clients to develop, create and produce promotional products that drive sales and deliver results. We work hard to identify what is critical to the consumers and the brands in creating successful promotion and marketing programs, providing further support in influencing the consumer at the critical moment of making decisions.

China Pacific is focused on providing outstanding customer services, individually and collectively. Our account managers, supported by groups of merchandisers and procurement specialists, work closely with customers on the day-to-day business activities, with each customer having their own dedicated account manager. Our organization is flexible to allow every customer to be supported this way and also ensure customers to have access to the most senior individuals in the business.

Account Manager

China Pacific’s many talented account managers are at the heart of our services. They are responsible to know their customers’ needs and that these needs are met by the right combination of services we offer. As customers seek to drive saving through competitive costs, creative products, multiple region distribution and ethically sourced products, our account managers have to keep everyone on track and on time.

Sourcing Team

Working closely with our account managers, our teams of merchandisers and sourcing specialists correspond with suppliers and customers on regular basis. From our offices in China, we service our international customers using multi-functional teams. Combining experience, dedication and talents to deliver great products to our clients everyday.


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